From WAmazing Only!Unlimited train rides in the Kansai region for the whole day!                 
From WAmazing Only!
                      Unlimited train rides in the Kansai region for the whole day! From WAmazing Only!
                      Unlimited train rides in the Kansai region for the whole day!

This pass is no longer available.



  • About the Pass

    Unlimited rides on train lines in the Kansai region for one day! Ride Local, Rapid, and Special Rapid trains in the valid area for one day.

    1. This is a special ticket that allows unlimited rides on JR West trains in the Kansai area for one day.
    2. The ticket covers popular attractions in Kansai, including Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Castle, Nara Park, Fushimi Inari Shrine and Togetsu-kyo Bridge.
    Recommended for trips around Kansai!

  • Price

    1 Day Pass

  • Flow



・Unlimited rides on local trains, including Rapid and Special Rapid trains, in the West Japan area.
・Not valid for Shinkansen, Haruka, or Limited Express trains.

Kansai Area Pass


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    ■ Notes on posting :
  • * Only for foreign residents in Japan.
  • * Please be sure to post after using the ticket.
  • * Please use a public account.
  • * Please be sure to add the designated hashtag when posting.

    Remember to maintain manners to prevent infection of coronavirus (Covid-19).
    Have a safe and healthy trip!
  • * Please do not use this ticket if you have a fever, cough, or sore throat.
  • * Please maintain manners to prevent the spread of infection, such as regular hand disinfection and hygienic behavior.
  • * Please maintain social distance and avoid crowded areas.


    ■ Notes regarding purchasing ticket :
  • * The ticket will be delivered to your home. Please provide a name and address where you can receive the ticket.
  • * After using the ticket, you will be required to share your impressions of using this ticket on a social media site.
  • * Please use a public social media account to share. (Private accounts are not allowed).
  • * One posting is required per adult ticket.
  • * The information you provide may be used to confirm whether you have shared a posting on a social media site.
  • * This ticket can only be purchased and used by non-Japanese nationals.
  • * You need to register as a member of WAmazing and register your credit card information to purchase.
  • * The ticket cannot be cancelled after purchase.
    ■ Notes on the use of this ticket :
  • * This ticket cannot pass be used at the automatic ticket gate. Please go through the manned ticket gate.
  • * If you wish to use an express train, please purchase a separate express ticket at the ticket counter.
  • * A separate fee is required to use the Shinkansen.
  • * If you wish to change to a green car carriage, please purchase a separate Limited Express ticket or Green Car ticket.
  • * Please refer to the map of the valid area.
  • * Train service hours are from around 5:00 to 00:00.
  • * The hours of service Please check the JR West website for train schedules.
  • * Please be aware that if a train is cancelled after you have started using a ticket, the ticket will not be refunded.

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